Another day of another week.

Nasi goreng ikan bilis…simplicity at its most awesome. Ok, that’s all. (at Cuscaden Patio Cafe & Pub)

What makes your morning?


Of stripes and squares. (at Changi Airport)

Chee cheong fun + ngoh hiang.

This is called man’s pizza. Please don’t ask me why…the label said so. Ok, that’s all.

Familiar comfort, though hor fun was a little overcooked. All else, good.

Matcha shake + red bean.

Soy milk + soy pudding + gula melaka + whipped cream.

Beef wat tan hor.

Was having a conversation with a friend earlier about how I only prefer to eat white rice and not any other variations. But this nasi lemak here is probably the only exception. Ok, that’s all. (at Ujong at Raffles Hotel)

No stamp necessary, honey.

Because it’s a rainy morning, brunch today is a warm bowl of lotus root + peanut + dried cuttlefish + pork ribs soup. Of course there’s the mandatory cili padi + light soy sauce combo as well…playing peek-a-boo on the top left corner. Fluffy rice seals the deal. No, I don’t like pumpkin rice. Ok, that’s all.

All things breaded and deep-fried are all things nice. Ok, that’s all.

Tuna croquettes + Kagoshima wagyu croquette.

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