Another day of another week.

So much flavours and textures in this som tam…look at those delicious crispy baby shrimps. Why is it that I still remember its crunch now ah? I’m so hungry (and I just ate dinner)!

Really good green curry is very hard to come by, and I love it too much.

Laksa…the broth is not bad at all. (at Rocky Master @ Delfi Orchard)

Wish you were here? Wish I were there!

Happy Monday, y’all!

How Sunday late lunches should be. Ok, that’s all.

I’ll have my meat just like that, please. (at W Singapore Sentosa Cove)

Probably one of the best Beef Wellingtons I’ve ever had. Did this for the last Christmas story I filed. Ok, that’s all. (at W Singapore Sentosa Cove)

Look at how pink the beef is…sitting majestically on a bed of mushroom mousse and laced with French shallots and capers. (at W Singapore Sentosa Cove)

Today is the day I discovered the wonders of #Snapseed three years ago. Ok, that’s all.

A pain to soothe the pang. (at Paris Baguette At Jem)

Petals. (at Paris Baguette At Jem)

A quick round-up of the dishes we had…but not all are pictured here. I’m still devastated I didn’t take photos of three dishes - the boss-style bee hoon, pork knuckle, and HK kailan special. In summary, we had 14 dishes, 9 bottles of booze, and one birthday cake…for the six of us in three hours. I say yay! (at New Ubin Seafood Restaurant)

A very well-executed fried rice with enough wok hei to envelope each grain of rice. The smoked pork collar earlier was cubed for this dish alongside crunchy prawn bits. We ordered a noodle dish, boss-style bee hoon but I forgot to take a photo of it even though we ordered another portion after we finished the first. It was that good. Wok hei was amazing, and adding cili padi to it was ingenious. (at New Ubin Seafood Restaurant)

Smoked pork collar. So good, so addictive. The smokiness was not off-putting, it blended well with the molasses-tinged glaze. Like the satay earlier, this one had the right balance of meat and fat too. Because the collar was used, it was very tender. (at New Ubin Seafood Restaurant)

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