Another day of another week.

You have no idea.

Someone once told me this. Then, when I saw her drink for the first time, I figured she must be talking about herself. LOL!

I ♡ Popcorn!

How Not To Be An Aunty, Lesson 1.

Spicy tofu soup. (at Soleme Korean Cuisine)

Chicken, mushroom, and spinach. (at New York Grand Kitchen)

Rainbows and stars, stay fabulous always.

Drops. (at Canberra Residences)

Imma gonna melt.

Good morning! (at Nanyang Old Coffee)

Platter. (at PappaRich)

Because I can. #BCMPasta

Rapunzel meets Pocahontas. (at The St. Regis)

#SRSchildhood (at The St. Regis)

All time fave! (at Ujong@Raffles)

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