Another day of another week.

So, we were talking last night, and of course the conversation led to the question if we actually miss writing about food. Well, for sure. But not this. No. Ok, that’s all.

Happy Mid-Week! Remember, just two more days to the long weekend. Wing it. Ok, that’s all.

Really, we were just making sure the front camera of the new iPhone 6 is working properly. Ok, that’s all.

We so gorgeous.


Because my afternoon snack is so much better than yours. I have this awesome dark chocolate tart made lovingly and hand-delivered by the very fabulous @madamtans. Now, excuse me while I sink my teeth into it. Ok, that’s all.

How come we don’t get this on the MRT? This, I can deal with. Ok, that’s all.

Tenderly braised beef chunks with just enough fat, crunchy, lightly blanched bok choy, springy egg noodles, and a very flavourful beef broth cooked with the perfect balance of spices (cinnamon, clove, star anise, et al). Only qualm? Not enough broth…half way through the bowl, it was all gone. (at Noodle Stories - 老北京面谱)

Black pepper sauce was really good. Enough spiciness and smokiness to envelope each beef cube. Onions and peppers provided a sweet hint with every bite. (at Noodle Stories - 老北京面谱)

It said five spice on the menu, but there was barely a whiff. That said, these honey-glazed crispy fish strips were done well. (at Noodle Stories - 老北京面谱)

Who says an accompanying mesclun salad has to be boring and normal? There’s mandarin wedges, pomelo pulp, cherry tomatoes, and toasted hazelnut in this one. Slightly spiced sesame dressing drizzles over it. Nice. (at Noodle Stories - 老北京面谱)

Pan-fried pork buns. Very juicy, flavourful filling of minced pork (great balance of meat and fat) and spring onion (not a fan, but adds dimension). Oh…I like how the skin is a little chewy, a nice textural sensation. (at Noodle Stories - 老北京面谱)

Very crispy, very well-fried salmon skin. Could use with a little more seasoning though. (at Noodle Stories - 老北京面谱)

Because it’s Friday, I think we should be content to check just one off the list, yes? Ok, that’s all.

Nope, not a spaceship.

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